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Hello and Thank you for visiting my shop.

I am a graphic arts major and stay at home mother of a child on the Autism spectrum that also had developed Type 1 diabetes and Celiac’s disease. I began doing small graphics projects as a sideline for my brother’s company. The success of the projects combined with a passion for art and design persuaded me to start out my own graphic design business.

I have since expanded from only screen printing abilities to heat transfer, full-color digital printing, sublimation printing, and Rhinestones (my favorite). I also provide vinyl graphics, wall graphics, vehicle graphics, signs, and banners to my customers.

I love being able to be home for my son, and for my family. My business and my online shops help me to be able to continue to do so. My son has also been learning how to help with different aspects of the business, which is a huge benefit; he is able to learn new skills.

I always have new ideas running through my head. I hope to have many new designs posted regularly.

I appreciate everyone who comes to visit my shop and browse. Thank you for stopping by.

Shop Policy
Hello, and Welcome to Gitgrafix on McHenry county local.

I hope you enjoy browsing our store. I am happy to now have the ability to show my designs to others nationwide and around the world.

I use quality HTV products and Rhinestones to embellish the Brand name apparel that we use.

We can do custom orders, just send us a message about the item that interests you and we can help you with your order.

Thanks for visiting :)

We prefer to ship everything boxed, not stuffed into a envelope or bag. We believe in presentation as well as product quality. Therefore, our orders are packaged very well to possibly avoid any shipping mis-handling problems.

All of our US orders are shipper via USPS priority mail. This assures the fastest and most affordable shipping options to you. All domestic orders will be provided with a tracking number. You will be sent a tracking number when our item has shipped. Domestic packages are usually received 2-4 days after shipping.

Remember that once your item is in the hands of the shipper whether it be USPS or outside the US with your country's postal system - We are not responsible for the package and it's damage, loss, etc. However, we will be happy to work with you to locate package if possible

If you have ordered the item to be sent to an outdated or wrong address, we can re-ship the item back to you if and when we receive the package back from USPS - However, we are not responsible for the additional shipping charges

Refunds and Exchanges:

All of our items are handmade with quality materials and expert craftsmanship and should not have problems. All items are made-to-order, which means that we design, cut, assemble press, etc., after you place your order. Almost every one of our items are ordered in the customer's desired size, shirt color, image color, etc., this means that what you order is what you will receive and the items are not exchangeable, refundable or returnable. All sales are final.

If there was something wrong with your order, please contact us through the same message feature of the item you purchased. It titles the message thread with your item and order number. If you are able to, please include photo(s) of the problem. We will work with you to correct the problem.

If you realize you ordered the wrong item, color, print option, etc., Contact me immediately through the Etsy message feature on the page for your order. Once completed there can be no changes. All orders cannot be changed after 3 hours after I receive your order.

EVERY shirt has a photo included that describes the shirt, it's make, and complete measurements. Please make sure to look at this when ordering, so that you can be more confident on sizing.
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You can contact me through my shop.
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