Chicago Bulls Inspired Paracord Bracelets

Item Description

Please select a bracelet size when ordering:


Small (6 1/2 in.)
Medium (7 in.)
Large (8 in.)
XL (8 1/2 in.)

Paracord has been preshrunk.

You can also select what kind of paracord you’d like. The sample in the pictures is made with 95 paracord, which is thinner. You can also choose 550 Paracord, which is thicker and gives a more masculine look. Same price for all.

Please specify which kind of paracord you prefer, if nothing is specified, 95 paracord will be used.

Thank you.

Item Other Details
Please note that although the shipping time is set at 3-5 days, I will always try to get items shipped before this time frame. Shipping cost includes USPS tracking number.